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course those from uc davis exploited the elegant arrangement to answer one of the most important questions which professors are most effective? and then doing a good job the professors with less experience and your degrees from fancy universities best students who typically do better clearly these young motivated struck -- instructors are from harvard. they must use the same notes they use to 1978 and probably think power point is the energy drink. [laughter] except they not know what that is either. of is the the data tells us we should fire them or let them retire gracefully. hold on. don't fire anybody at. the air force academy study had a relevant finding was student performance over a longer horizon. in math and science those who have more experience and highly credentialed instructors come to do better with the mandatory courses than those who have less experience in the introductory courses. one logical interpretation is a less experienced instructors more likely to teach to the test that has impressive exam scores and happy students with the instructor evaluation. but dea
to be a writer, and so when i transferred from pasadena college, went to uc santa cruz to study creative writing, and that's where i began to write high first novel when i was a junior. .. consider the respect that immigration will have been her family. because i think a lot of times they don't think about it that way. they think about the possibilities they will find here. but sometimes, you know, immigrants when you're trying ty save their family sometimes ther end up destroying their families because of that separation is veryer devastating and the famit especially the family that stays behind. they go through so h manye hardships i definitely don't discourage anyone from immigrating because, unfortunately, immigration is a necessity, it's not a choice. so i'm not, i'm not discouraging anybody. but i would like for them to consider how it's going to impact their family. and then the immigrants that are already here, i would really love for them to think about, you know, the sacrifices that their families have made, um, and can i want them to take advantage of -- and i want them to take advan
haven't since i went off to college. when i went to uc santa cruz, they didn't have marching bands, so i didn't have anything. then i discovered a bunch of other things. i got into dance and film and video and all these other things that i was doing. and i really missed the saxophone and i wanted to get back into playing. one of my teachers pulled me aside one day. she said, it's very good if you are creative you love to explore and learn new things. but you need to choose one thing that you want to focus on, because otherwise you will be a jack of all trades. and i went home that day and i thought about it. i thought, what is it that i cannot live without? and that's when i decided that writing was the one thing i could not live without. and i gave up everything else and i just focus on my writing. >> host: you are an award-winning novelist. your first book, "across a hundred mountains", one such a great award. and this book, "the distance between us", is an extremely personal memoir. >> guest: that's right, that's the only way i know how to write books. even though it's fiction, it is
and adjust for it but we seem to have no clue. >> looking for a financial professionals uc the alphabet soup had to know if a financial professional is operating with the fiduciary standard or the suitability standard? how do you know, ? >> you have to ask. i don't tell anybody to look the somebody is a member you have to be a member of the napfa. >> guest: but people don't ask questions. they get to their adviser not by doing a diligent research but he is at the country club or my cousins best friend or my next neighbor or somebody in my children's school and people are discouraged from asking questions because people come at you as if they're your friend. with nascar friend hard questions are you acting in my best interest and as the fiduciary standard. >> host: many people meet financial professionals through freed didn't -- free dinners is anything wrong with that or you advise against that? >> apparently i gave an interview to reuters if i was dictator i would ban the free meal. it seems so harmless you get a nice steak and a good lobster but people who sell time shares will tell you it
-- i spoke with a few students that go to the uc system here -- >> i do that too. >> yeah, i know. [laughter] >> i just drive around. asking them stuff. [laughter] >> my question is he actually is a north korean sympathizer -- >> really? >> it seems to me that there's a lot of indock nation going on in college -- >> right. >> there is not a voice for libertarians or conservatives. >> no, that's true. the -- by the way, he's a friend of yours? >> well, not anymore. [laughter] >> that's the irony of the academic world in the campus that it's supposed to be the land of open minds, but if you're a conservative, the reality is it is the opposite -- well, i had no metaphor, but the -- it's because it's a self-perpetuating machine. the journalists there teach the future journalists who teach the future jowrntists. if you get a gender studies degree, your only future is to teach gender stories. the only way to break that is to get into ace deem ya, who wants to do that? for the students, but, i mean, other than that -- other than that -- [laughter] it pays all right. tenure, that's a prob
students in the uc system -- >> i do that, too. >> anyway, my question is, you actually as a north korean sympathizer, and it seems to me that there's a lot of indoctrination going on in college, and there isn't a voice for libertarians and -- >> he is a friend of yours? >> not anymore. >> that's the irony of the academic world in the campus, it's supposed to be the land of open minds but if you're conservative, the reality is, it's the opposite. i had no metaphor. but the -- it's because it's a self-perpetuating machine. journalists that are there teach the future fear journalists and your only future is to teach gender studies if that's the -- the only way to break that is to get into academia. other than that -- you can do it for the students and it pays all right. tenure is a problem. why are you allowed to be a crackpot on campus? because you can. you will not get fired. that's tenure. >> over here. >> one question. continue to keep asking who pushed the video? >> yeah. >> you're referring to the suzann somers exercise video. that was stolen from my locker. it's the only question tha
. that is what you see with the taliban. uc sub organizations in different directions. understanding those networks gives us tools to undermine them. i have heard is said and me criticized we need to dig deeper and put ourselves in issues of some organizations but not to understand how they're able to exploit the drone strikes to recruit but how they operate to undermine them and so we can undermine them. the last thing i will say, this is the model not just applicable and they had close relationships with omar who reportedly intervened on -- intervened on his behalf. so that does look like a close operational relationship. but going forward on the future of afghanistan i could not agree more about the money issue. i published a paper called russian roulette that is a comparison of the last days of the russian occupation in the '80s of where we are today. i don't think from sustainability we have done better. it is depressing but in a lot of ways you could make a strong argument that he was a more creative leader than cars i. with amigo going forward? especially with fatah. we have effecti
point*. then uc like in egypt of war see government to make it hard to be picked from power. but as alluded to earlier, hundreds of thousands of rallying but the muslim brotherhood won the election. that was held fair and square but there was a opposition of the muslim brotherhood with the at the end peal of imposing sharia law but on the bread and butter appeal to get people back to work tapping into daily concerns and unfortunately you have situations for extremist groups where you don't have the strong push back. we and our allies need to provide support to the brave liberals and moderates hoodoo want to push back but made the tools to do so. >> i think it goes to the idea with the concept of privacy judeo christian approach that each individual has a show. that is the basis of the quality. how strong you are, how bright or how rich, if that is the case you have to have liberty because there is nothing like that decision but that is the source of liberty from religion. with the ideology takes over the regime then it erases the individuality of the soul. we have time for o
uses the same exams in every particular course. scott carroll and james west, professors as uc davis and the air toast academy, exploited this elegant arrangement to answer one of the most important questions in higher education. which professors are most effective? you're all getting students that look leak -- like each other, same tests. who is doing a good job? the professors with less experience and fewer degrees from fancy universities. these professors have students who typically do better on the standardized exams for the introductory courses and get better student evaluations for their courses. clearly these young, motivated ininstructors are more committed to their teaching than the old crusty guys with ph.ds from places like harvard. the old guys must be using the same yellowing notes they used in 1978. probably think power point is an energy drink, except they don't know what an energy drink is, either. obviously the data tell us we should fire these old college jerries or let them retire gracefully. but hold on. don't fire anybody yet. the air force academy study had anot
to share with you, it's 1967. the neighborhood was totally crazy. i am a graduate of uc med center and my professor of medicine said david where you're going? coming down here was a sign of career failure or mental illness or someone who was totally insane. and what happened, we were built on rock 'n roll, the concerts and that is how we survived and we had all of these celebrities come that wanted to visit us. then of course i would try to get a donation from them. that is all we did, one of which was preminger coming to make a movie. we were totally on volunteers and another part of david's book that was so good was when he said the hell's angels ran a daycare center or something like that. only at that time but that makes sense. [laughter] so what i did was i worked at san francisco general you see during the day and the clinic at night. so a arlo preminger was going to come and make a movie and make a big donation. there is a big limo parked right out there and had dinner at one of the now closed restaurants just down the way. i told everybody that arlo preminger was going to come and
about what the fed is thinking uc as helping to be more effective or, perhaps, being complicating the message to some degree. >> well, of course, that is to some extent of to the auditors, the b holders to determine whether they think it is helpful or not, but i think that to address your specific points that switching from the date, you know, when we started out by trying to convey to the markets when we thought, you know, short-term interest rates might start to rise, initially we get a date which was just our best guess. as conditions changed, we changed that data a couple of times. a better way to do it, in my view, is instead of talking about a date which is very non transparent way to explain what you're doing people say, well, how they get that date? what is it that it means? instead, we have tried to do in our more recent evolution is to try to explain what we will be looking for in terms of unemployment inflation, to maine mandated objectives before we would begin the process of raising interest rates. so that is, first of all, much more transparent. it helps people under
and vice-president. it will be represented by the event uc to mar the president and vice-president old, and i will leave it to the president to announce the next steps, but he believes we need to act now. he believes that we need to take steps that prevent or help prevent the kind of tragic violence against our children in particular that we saw in 210 connecticut and see in less spectacular former of the country all the time. >> yesterday the nra put out a new ad that is for children as an it to cut young as age four according to its rating that allows children to get to a shooting range and fire. given the conversation with the gaming industry, do you think that is appropriate? >> i have heard about this, but i have not had a conversation with the president about it. i really have not seen what you're referring to. >> i think that these are good questions. and i think some of the answers we don't know in terms of what the impact and influence applications and video games and entertainment have, but that is why the vice-president had some of the meetings that were had and this convers
: the senator from new york. mr. schumer: i have been asked to make a u.c. statement. before i do -- and i know that senator kerry will be speaking tomorrow, so i'll be brief. i think i speak on behalf of every one of us here that we so admire the job he has done in his past life in many different phases. we're excited that he'll be our secretary of state. and i think for john kerry, the best is yet to come. mr. president, i ask unanimous consent the senate proceed to a period of morning business with senators permitted to speak for up to ten minutes each. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. grassley: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from iowa. mr. grassley: i would ask to speak in morning business for 15 minutes. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. grassley: my fellow members know that the issue of transparency is a very favorite topic of mine, and i come to the floor today to speak about transparency as it relates to a very specific problem within the department of housing and urban development. it's no secret that i have worked to bring greater transparen
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)